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Nico Huber

Nico Huber

Management Consulting, Project Management, Interim Management, Business Analysis, Requirements Engineering

Senior Consultant with technical background and a strong focus on data-management, end-to-end (E2E) digitalization, transformation and automation regulatory projects for large enterprises. 
In addition, references in carve-out, post-integration, transaction advisory, sourcing advisory, business process outsourcing(BPO), vendor-selection, vendor-management and anti-money-laundering(AML/KYC) projects. 

Proven communication skills (C-Level, Cross-Departments, Global Programs, Vendors).In-depth experience in data-management, data-strategy, data-migration, data-transformation, software development and business intelligence.Long-term projects in automotive, banking, private equity, corporate finance, financial servicing, transaction advisory services, insurance, energy, legal, compliance & governance for various departments of large corporations (DAX40) and Big4 consulting firms. 

More than 20 years of experience in various different roles (software development, business analysis, project governance, project- and program management) on the IT and business side.

Roles: Project Management (Agile,Waterfall & Hybrid), Interim Management, Business Analysis
Leadership: Employee responsibility for 2 units, 7 teams with more than 70 people. Control and communication with many internal and external stakeholders.
Communication: Proven C-Level communication skills in various projects and industries
Industries: Banking, Finance, Private Equity, Industry, Energy, Automotive, E-Commerce, Luxury Industry, Management Consulting (Big4)
Experience: > 30.000 performed project hours since 2001
Web3: Proven management and delivery of a Web3 project in the luxury industry in Switzerland (Digital Passport / Blockchain / SmartContracts)
Certifications: Prince2 (Project Management), IREB (Requirements Engineering), ITIL (IT Service Management), St.Galler Management Seminar (General Management)

Nico Huber


Strategy & Interim Management (Web3/Geneva/Luxury Industry): Setting up project governance for a Web3 project in the area of digital passport (Blockchain/NFT). Strategic advice on the development of the target operating model. Coordination with various stakeholders on the customer and vendor side. Operational management of the project and handover to the line management. Rollout of the digital passport to the world's leading luxury industry brands.

Provider selection (BPO for >40 legal entities; Volume > 40. Mio.; Automotive): Support in negotiating a framework contract with the new provider as well as service contracts with the local entities. Setting up the project governance of the global PMO for the transition and post go-live phase.

Project Lead OneBI region DACH - Global Business Intelligence Project (Allianz Partners Germany): Project lead of the GBM sub-project ONE BI. C-Level reporting to the global project, local management and IT departments. Communication with global colleagues in France, Poland, Austria and Switzerland. Coordination in close cooperation with the different departments

Multi Project Lead: Banking (Deutsche Bank): Project Lead for automation and digitalization of various end-to-end banking processes. Cross-program and cross-departmental coordination between different internal and external stakeholders. Duration: >18 months / Benefit: >10.000 automated cases per month

Interim Head of Production (Global AML / KYC consultancy): Interim production lead with direct reporting at C-level for a global AML / KYC consultancy. Responsible for 2 units and 7 teams who work in globally distributed locations. The teams were responsible for carrying out the KYC checks in the regulatory environment for banks and insurance companies.

Management Consulting Lega&Compliance (Siemens Energy): Management consulting for the new global Legal&Compliance application on business side. Management of the vendor selection process including long-listing, short-listing, RfI/RfP, evaluation and signing. Accompaniment of the complete system introduction up to the go-live including test planning and decommissioning of the legacy systems.

Interim Manager HR Applications: Carve Out & Vendor selection (Siemens): Carve Out & Application strategy: Support the management for the global IT HR applications during the carve out (>90.000 employees). Analysis of the existing application portfolio and define the future application strategy. Align service agreements between the old and new company. Requirements on application level were aligned and coordinated with the appropriate business and IT partners. Ensuring the day 1 readiness and preparing the post carve out phase depending on the application strategy.

Project Lead Automation: Regulatory Project – KYC/Know Your Customer (Top 5 German Bank): Project Lead for the automation and digitalization of regulatory Know Your Customer(KYC) processes. Duration: >9 months / Benefit: >10.000 KYC cases per quarter

Business Analysis & Requirements Engineering: Banking (Deutsche Bank): Analysis of end-to-end(E2E) core banking process. Analysis, validation and documentation of functional and non-functional requirements from various business areas (Banking, Lending, Other). Duration: >12 months / Benefit: >100.000 of fully automated cases per year

Project Lead: LegalTech: Project lead of a webbased digital contract processing project. Responsible for the MVP, business case, development, vendor onboarding and coordination as well as project execution. Duration: >12 months / Benefit: Fully automated contract rendering on multiple devices

Business Analysis & Functional Analysis: Industry (Siemens GS IT / CF R): Automated financial reporting for the senior management of central board and finance & controlling departments. Duration: > 5 years / Benefit: >30.000 automated generated reports per month

Transaction Advisory: Private Equity Funds / Public and State-Owned Banks / Big4 Consulting firm: IT based data mining , reporting and valuation to support transaction advisory services and underwriting process on buy-side and sell-side due diligence in distressed debt market. Duration: > 2 years / Benefit: Detailed valuation of > $ 25bn of non-performing-loan(NPL) portfolios (Real Estate, Shipping and Aviation)

Management skills

Project Management: Prince2, Project Directing, Stage Controlling, Work-Package Controlling

Business Analysis: Business process analysis, Business continuity, Portfolio management & valuation, Underwriting, Financial management, Demand management, Application/System/Service analysis

Requirements Engineering: Eliction, analysis, documentation, valuation, negotation and management of Requirements

IT Service Management: ITILv3, Service strategy, Service design, Service transition, Service operation, Continual service improvement(CSI)

Technical skills

Business Intelligence: OLAP, ETL, Data-Mining, Data-Marts, Data-Warehouse (DHW)

Automated Reporting: SAP BW, SAP BEx, SQL-Server, Query-Design, Report-Design, Access, Excel, VBA

Databases: Database-Design, Database-Programming, SQL-Server, Stored Procedures, Views, Access

Web-Development: .NET-Frameworks, ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, VBA, JavaScript, XML, XSL, HTML, CSS


ITILv3 Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management(AXELOS Global Best Practice)
Prince2 Foundation Certification in Project Management(AXELOS Global Best Practice)
IREB Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering
Performance ControllingIFRS
Accounting Principles & IFRS vs. HGB (German GAAP)
Specific Accounting Topics - Consolidation
SAP BEx Power-User Training
Microsoft Certified ProfessionalMicrosoft Certifications


St. Galler Management Seminar, Business Administration
Scope: business administration, management, organization, marketing, leadership, human resource management, financial management, accounting, project management, business law, economics, technology management, innovation management, business mathematics and statistics
Universität St. Gallen-Hochschule (KMU-HSG) und SHB. für Wirtschafts-, Rechts- und Sozialwissenschaften

Executive B.B.A.
Business AdministrationSteinbeis Center of Management and Technology (SCMT)IT Specialist

Application Development
Professional business school of the city of Augsburg in Bavaria


German: Native speaker 
English: Full professional proficiency


Entrepreneurship, Internet Business, Finance, Stock Market, Aviation, Traveling, Photography, Skiing, Sailing, Tennis
Nico Huber


Year 1995 (12) Started software development
In 1995 Nico Huber started software development with the Age of 12 years. Soon he developed his first application called "Noten Office". This small application was able to store school grad and build an forecast for each school subject. His goal was to achieve as little effort as possible to achieve as good school scores as possible so that more time for software development remains.

Year 1996 (13) For the first time bought shares

With the IPO of the Deutsche Telekom Nico bought his first shares over the stock exchange in his life. Soon he discovered his passion for the financial market and the possibility of a theoretically unlimited high income.

Year 2000 (17) Product idea Fotostore:
Trading with immaterial rights Nico Huber’s grandfather (Erich Huber) was passionate landscape Photographer who collected thousands of unique 6x6 photos in his life. With the rise of the Internet a new digital way of content syndication was possible. After a lot of research about the image industries Nico decided to sell his grandfather images on the internet.To achieve his goal, he had to learn as much as possible about web-based software development and database design.

Year 2001 (18) Fotostore was born:
First cloud application Product idea and conception, planning, development, test, distribution, operation and support of an customizable, web based B2B-Application for archiving, distributing and trading with immaterial rights on images of third party's.The final product was called Fotostore. Fotostore was one of the first 100% web based application. A long time before such applications were called "Cloud-Applications".

Year 2001 (18) Self-employed as a software developer
Planning, development and quality assurance of an individual web based content-management-system (CMS) for e-government. Complex hierarchical structures have been considered. Conception and programming a plenty of corporate Web-Tools with cross-browser, multi-language and database supported functionality.

Year 2002 (19) First company in the official commercial register

Develution e.K. official in the commercial register registered.

Year 2002 (19) First passive income generated by Fotostore (application service providing)
The major customers used Fotostore longer than 10 years. This shows how advanced the technology, the database-design and application-architecture of Fotostore has been from the beginning designed. So the world's leading publishing houses have licensed new pictures every day over a decade, supported by Fotostore-technology. All important and critical business processes were handled by Fotostore.

Year 2004 (21) Portfolio-Management for Financial-Servicing-Firm of an private equity fund
First Projects in Private EquityBuild up an distressed debt Portfolio-Management-, Valuation,- Tracking-, Workout,- and Reporting-Tool for the financial servicer of an leading private equity firm.The application is focused on workout of distressed loan portfolios. Specific intentness on non-performing-loans (NPL) and borrower-loan-security-structures. The applications manages a total portfolio value over $ 25 bn.

Year 2005 (22) Private Equity: Transaction Advisory Services (Buy-Side-Due Diligence)
Underwriting process for distressed asset portfolios. Analysis and preparing various data-tapes for due-diligence-processes in data rooms.Planning, development, maintenance, test and reporting of an individual database valuation tools for the Bye-Side-Due-Diligence of distressed dept portfolios focused on non-performing-loans (NPL).

Year 2006 (23) Second Company: Abilon Images
Six years after the idea, to trade online with rights on images, Nico Huber founded "abilon images" together with an partner. From the beginning "abilon images" used Fotostore from Develution to handle all business-processes.

Year 2008 (25) Started part-time study Executive Business Administration
Universität St. Gallen-Hochschule (KMU-HSG) & Steinbeis Center of Management and Technology (SCMT)

Year 2008 (25) Acquisition of Columbia Vermögensverwaltungs GmbH
100% of “Columbia Vermögensverwaltungs GmbH” was acquired by Nico Huber. He renamed the company in “nh advising GmbH” and turned the Company’s purpose from an asset management into an Internet and Consulting firm.

Year 2008 (25) Merger of Develution and nh advising

Nico Huber sold all shares of Develution e.K. to nh advising GmbH by capital increase.

Year 2009 (26) Development of nhCMS finished
Completion of an Content-Management-Systems as a technological basis for the operation of future digital online business.

Year 2009 (26) Going Public of"Funknetz Standorte"
"Funknetz Standorte" is an online platform connects real estate owner and wireless network operator. Real estate owner can generate additional monthly income by adding cell site to there objects.

Year 2009 (26) Focusing on IT & Finance
nh advising focuses on management consulting, project management, interim management, business analysis and requirements engineering with an strong focus on end-to-end (E2E) digitalization and automation of core business, financialreporting and closing process of large enterprises.

Year 2009 (26) Projects in Shareholder-Controlling & Financial Closing
Various projects for large corporations in the area of automated reporting, financial closing and shareholder controlling for IT and financial departments of an leading Industry company (DAX30).

Year 2014 (31) Personal improvement
Certifications in Prince2 (Project Management), IREB (Requirements Engineering) and ITIL (IT Service Management)

Year 2016 (33) Projects in end-to-end(E2E) digitalization and automation
Various projects for large corporations in end-to-end (E2E) digitalization and automation of core business processes for IT and financial departments of an world leading Bank (DAX30).

Year 2018 (36) The micarcle of having a child
My daughter Lara is born. Time takes on a new value and must be allocated more efficiently and effectively.

Year 2019 (37) Strengthen my leadership skills
Management of international projects that required very strong communication skills. Passionate collaboration with international teams.

Year 2021 (39) Outsourcing
Official registration as an employer in Bulgaria (Sofia) in order to be able to employ employees in Bulgaria..

Year 2023 (41) Web3 Technology
Proven management and delivery of a Web3 project in the luxury industry in Switzerland (Digital Passport / Blockchain / SmartContracts)
Nico Huber

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nh advising GmbH
Management Consulting, Project-Management, Interim-Management, Business Analysis, Requirements Engineering

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Sitz der Gesellschaft: Munich, Germany
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